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One winner will be randomly chosen to receive this ENTIRE ridiculously awesome haul. Two additional winners will be randomly chosen to receive $50 Amazon gift cards. By the way, most of the prizes here were generously donated to this prize pack. To help say 'thanks', please consider supporting these companies through purchases and social engagement! Winners will be chosen on Dec 21, 2018.

We don’t even have to say anything about how awesome I Heart Guts is. Their intestines plush is a must-have for IBD patients, because, well, we can’t think of a single reason not to have one.

Instagram: @iheartguts

Value: $25

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t spend some quality time with our phones in the bathroom. PhoneSoap uses UV technology to kill germs, the perfect technology for us immuno-compromised badasses.

Instagram: @phonesoap

Value: $60

Anatomy and art come together in this gorgeous watercolor depiction of the large and small intestines. Our guts have never looked so good, not even on our best colonoscopy. Artwork is 11×14″, unframed.

Instagram: @lyonroadart

Value: $45

Poo-Pourri is the spray-before-you-go scent reducer, that uses a film on top of the toilet water to trap scents, keeping your own bathroom pleasant, and your public bm’s discreet. Prize pack includes 2 spray bottles in a graphic gift sack.

Instagram: @poopourri

Value: $10

Port and Polish understands that it’s ok to hold onto style, even when managing chronic diseases such as IBD. This Crisp White pill case has a super sleek design and built in mirror, to fit into your backpack, purse, and lifestyle with ease.

Instagram: @portandpolish

Value: $40

Meredith Flynn is a journeyman engraver who is also a caregiver to an IBD patient. She custom made this intestines pendant just for this giveaway! This is a one of a kind piece that we almost wanted to keep for ourselves.

Instagram: @handiworkbymeredith

Value: $40

Our friend Ilana Jacqueline offers practical, funny, and real advice on making it through this thing we call life with an invisible, chronic disease – or several of them. A must-read for any human chronic illness patient.

Instagram: @ilana_jacqueline

Value: $17

Let’s be real. We’re very experienced in having one part of our body attack other parts of our body. This family friendly gut-busting game is described as semi-educational and fully fun.

Instagram: @theawkwardyeti

Value: $30

Dammit Dolls are designed to be beatup, thrown, poked, punched, and whatever else you need to do to get some stress out. A fun pattern and made-to-take-a-beating material is about to become your new best friend.

Instagram: @dammitdolls

Value: $20

Our friend Rasheed Clarke is an Ulcerative Colitis advocate and author who put together a collection of stories about life with UC, among everything else. A superb writing style makes his experience easy to digest, pun intended.

Instagram: @rasheedclarke

Value: $20

We’re obsessed with these modern prints of intestines by Forget Me Not Drawings, combining guts and flowers and making both beautiful. Prize includes 2 prints in blue and black. Prints are unframed.

Etsy: Forgetmenotdrawings

Value: $32

Adult coloring books have become a staple in the stress relieving game. This intestines-themed book has detailed, decorated illustrations of gut-related images for you to color and relax.

Instagram: @arteryink

Value: $22

This rice-filled heating pack stretches out to provide soothing comfort to your neck, back, or anywhere else you might need. Simply microwave and apply for light pain relief. This heating pack is unscented.

Etsy: Divinecomfortricepks

Value: $13

Our friend Josh Rivedal put together an anthology of stories of patients, both physical and mental, who tell their stories in real, gritty, yet hopeful ways. Compared to Chicken Soup for the Soul, the stories in these books are the exact dose we all need for a little inspiration without the fluff.

Instagram: @joshrivedal

Value: $35

Our friend Amber Elder created the Colitis Ninja character illustration to help herself – and all of us – to both understand and communicate the ins and outs of IBD. This prize pack includes wristbands, stickers, and a bathroom access card.

Instagram: @colitisninja

Value: $12

Medical ID bands are important to have on us, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Lauren’s Hope creates fashionable, customizable ID bands. Prize includes assorted generic bands, and a code to choose your own. Please note, photo shown is not actual prize.

Instagram: @laurenshopeid

Value: $20

Intestines shaped sugar cookies. ‘Nuff said.

Etsy: BoetechLLC

Value: $8

This adorable, soft heating (and cooling!) pack has three sections of grains, easily microwaveable to provide gentle heat relief. Microwave or put in the freezer and apply to your body, wherever you may need!

Instagram: @uptonelm

Value: $21

Writing is a therapeutic tool to many of us living with chronic illness. This May Designs journal fits easily wherever you go, so you can jot down your thoughts when you need to get them out of your head. Journal design is dark blue tye-dye pattern.

Instagram: @maydesigns

Value: $25

Write in your journal with these punny Number Two pencils, which are, well, number two pencils with poop emoji erasers. What better way to put your story down on paper?

Value: $6

Who doesn't need all the poop emoji apparel they can handle? These fun socks are representing what's definitely become our number one (number two?!) used emoji.

Value: $10

This perfectly sized travel pack fits in your bag, so you always have toilet seat covers available in any situation. Seat covers are slim and flushable. Pack contains 5 covers.

Value: $2

Nausea is unfortunately a part of the disease experience for many IBD patients like us. These peppermint scented bands allow wearers to have a light aroma of a naturally soothing scent.

Instagram: @nomonausea

Value: $13

Because sometimes, you just need another way to get out your frustrations, and who doesn’t love a good Nerf Blaster? Play with your friends, or pack it in your hospital bag for when you need a little fun distraction.

Instagram: @nerf

Value: $10

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