The Great Bowel Movement is run entirely by volunteer patients and caregivers, who get paid in a lot of warm fuzzies and the occasional tshirt, so your support helps keep the Movement moving.

How can you support us?

Christy Ostomy AwarenessGet a Shirt. The best way to support is to simply get a shirt and contribute to the mission of increased awareness! This not only helps fund our organization, but helps empower you to start conversations, find those storytelling moments, connect with others, and change the world. Find your shirt.

Make a Donation. Help keep the Bowel Movement moving with a tax-deductible donation. Tax-deductible donations help us produce resources and support community events, as well as help us cover organizational expenses such as website hosting. Donate securely through Razoo.

Support The Great Bowel MovementGrant us a Wish. Our Amazon wish list includes little things that are necessary to keep us going. Donating an item or two from our list will help us keep our expenses going back into the community. Find our Amazon wish list.

Enroll in a corporate donation program. Programs like AmazonSmileiGive, and Thrivent Choice allow us access to additional donations, at no extra cost to our community. Please consider us when you enroll in these programs, and if you’re aware of others, let us know about them!

Spread the Word. If you like our resources and patient stories, tell someone else! Give us a shout out, link to us, tell a friend or fellow patient, and send them our way. The more the merrier.

ibd social mediaHelp us with Likes, Shares, and Tweets. We love knowing that what we do helps our community, and we want to reach everyone in need of support. It’s a small thing for you click like, share, retweet, or comment, but it’s a big help for us!  We truly value every time this occurs across our blog and social media channels.

Be a guest blogger. Share your own story, experience, or advice, and contribute to some of the great content we’ve been able to build up with the help of our community. Everyone’s story matters, and you never know whose life will be touched just by sharing. Contact us for details.

Finally, get out in the world and spread awareness. Give us a world where everyone understands our disease. Make our mission become a reality.

We appreciate every contribution, no matter how small. We are 100% committed to supporting the IBD and Ostomy communities, creating a big wave from a small organization. You can be sure every dollar matters to us and will be put to good use, not get lost in a big corporate charity, and if you want to know more, just ask us! Thank you from the bottom of our colons.