We’ve partnered with Brooke Abbott of The Crazy Creole Mommy Chronicles, to leverage patient stories to influence policy.

Brooke is an IBD community champion for navigating politics, working for policies that benefit patients, and creating actual, tangible change for all of us. We could go on about her, but we want to know about YOU.

Here’s how you can help.

Brooke and her counterparts are always looking for patient experience stories that can help others understand the challenges of life with IBD. Whether it’s bathroom access, school or workplace protections, insurance frustrations, or the cost of health care – the more the powers that be understand, the more compelled they are to make decisions that protect or improve our rights.

Make the most of your story by sharing it honestly, and specifically. Describe in detail the challenges you went through, how they affected your life, and what might have improved your situation. Use a balance of solid facts, and also draw on human emotions. Be authentic.

Tell us your story.

Start with one of these prompts, if you want.

  • Insurance regulations prevented me from getting the care I needed...
  • Before insurance, this is how hard it was to treat my IBD...
  • My insurance company controlled my treatment decisions, not my doctor...
  • As a patient in the workforce, I've been failed by current protections...

Your Details

Let us know how we can contact you if we need.

I agree that the story I am sharing is true to the best of my knowledge. I grant permission for GBM and/or Brooke Abbott and partners to use and share my experience.

Here’s all that privacy stuff. You are sharing your story of your own accord, and the experiences you share must be authentic and true to the best of your knowledge. Your story may be used uniquely, or amassed with similar stories, in discussions with public officials and their employees; your unique story may be used by The Great Bowel Movement for future communications; your contact information will be kept private. No part of your story or information will be used, to the best of our ability, to parties beyond GBM or Brooke Abbott. Basically, tell us your powerful truth, we’ll use it for good, and nothing else.