It’s not just a shirt.

It’s the core of who we are. Actually, conversation is the core of who we are, and these are more than just shirts. They’re tools for awareness. They’re sparks of conversations.

“Ask Me” shirts are designed to be worn out and about, giving anyone affected by IBD the power to increase awareness, just by starting those conversations and telling real, authentic stories about life with Crohn’s and Colitis.

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Listen to how just a shirt has made a difference…

“Living with IBD is not fun, but being able to talk about it makes it easier to deal with. I personally find comfort in the fact that I can both advocate for myself and educate others about the diseases. I definitely think that we share a lot of the same desire to rise above our diagnosis, to make the most of our lives with IBD, to share our positive attitude with others and to educate others about IBD.”

“A lady saw me eating at Chili’s. I had on my Ask Me About my Ostomy shirt…she told me she liked my shirt. I asked her if she knew what an Ostomy was….she got all teary eyed and said yes….her little boy….who was now 7. He has had 4 surgeries.We talked for a good 10 min. She is going to start coming to the Ostomy Support Group. We hugged and cried…right there in the restaurant. … I was amazed that connection all started with a shirt!”

“I LOVE my shirt thank you so much. I wear it everywhere and get excited when people come and ask me what a J Pouch is. Thank you!”

“My “Ask Me About my Ostomy” shirt sparks conversations with people who are afraid of ostomies. I understand their fear, because I was ignorant and afraid before I faced my life-saving surgery. Despite my insecurities, I am always delighted to share my experiences and discoveries. When conversations go bad and I get emotional, I know I can talk to anyone else with an “Ask Me” shirt and feel better instantly.”

One brown top with clever blue logo = a thousand great conversations.”

“It wasn’t until months and months after I became very ill with UC that I was able to talk openly about my IBD. Thanks to website like GBM, I found my voice, and feel confident speaking about my illness to others. Never in a million years did I ever think I would wear a shirt like my “Ask Me” shirt. And for that I’m grateful.”