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Thank you for supporting our mission of IBD awareness and patient empowerment. Your donation helps us provide increased resources to the IBD and ostomy communities, including programs, sponsorships, and events

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We donate 10% of all product sales to an IBD related charity, and the rest, which isn't very much, helps us to spread the word, sponsor athletes, blogs, and advocates, and provide awesome free stuff for our community! So please consider purchasing a shirt for yourself and all your friends.

We also LOVE when people post photos of them in their shirts on Facebook, blogs, videos like this one, as well as wearing them to events, and using them for blog giveaways! Have a great idea? Want to purchase shirts in bulk? Let us know!

Other ways to contribute include working with us on fundraisers, events, and more. Do you have an awesome idea to help us grow? Maybe we can work together on an event or sponsorship? Do you have something awesome to contribute to our site? Maybe you have more crappy puns we can use! Let us know!

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts (and colons), for your emotional and financial support.

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